About Us

I started this business when I reached my middle years and struggled to find a good quality hoodie without huge logos plastered back and front. I felt too self conscious, old and uncool to walk around emblazoned with branding and artwork, and do not feel the need to display my status to others based on the brand of clothes that I wear.

I have dedicated my efforts to finding the best quality unbranded clothing possible. I could blab on about the quality vs price ratio, or pick out star performers but really want to keep this brief.....

Buy from Logo Free Clothing and you are supporting a UK-based small family business in Rural Herefordshire. We have been selling unbranded clothing online since the end of 2013, and as Serendipity Gifts on E-Bay and on Amazon Marketplace since 2015 with 100% positive customer feedback on both platforms.

The main benefits of buying on our home website are the lowest prices with our full range and the same high standards of customer care. If you have a question, need any assistance, guidance or want to buy in bulk, please message me through the website, I am only too happy to help.

David- owner & proprietor.

Please use our contact page to get in touch.